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When Jesse and I were talking about what topic to tackle for this week’s episode, I said something to the affect of, “Well, I’ve gone on almost 60 other podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows talking about Love-Centered Parenting, but I’ve yet to really dive into the topic on my own podcast. Maybe that would be a good topic for this week’s episode??

If you’ve been considering getting a copy of my new book, Love-Centered Parenting, but you’ve wondered if it would be a fit for you, be sure to listen in to this week’s episode. I share more about how often guilt and stress as burdens comes from misunderstanding what our job is as a parent. I also dive into the main meat of the book and talk about the four choices I believe every parent should make — to lean in and love, listen well, lead with humility, and let go.

Jesse and I discuss each of these in-depth and talk about what it looks like to walk them out in our every day lives. We also share more about how our emergency fund has been such a gift recently, how we saved a lot of money on replacing our HVAC units, a class I recently finished taking, I used to be the parent who constantly felt the burden of raising well-behaved children who always make good choices. Their choices were a direct reflection of my parenting skills and as such I had to be sure that they always did what was right.

That burden seemed so unbelievably heavy though and it didn’t feel like a weight that I could bear. So I started praying to the Lord about these feelings and what I found and what He showed me was so liberating.

You see, if you are the one responsible for your children’s choices, then you’re also the one responsible for saving them. That simply isn’t true. It is not your job to make your children good people. It is your job to model good behavior and model God’s love and allow them to make their own choices and decisions.

Listen as we chat about the four pillars of the book and why I truly believe that when you lean in with love, listen well, react in humility, and let go, you are giving your children the tools they need to make the right choices in life. You can’t make their decisions for them, but you can help them understand the difference between good and bad.

In This Episode: 

[00:33] We are chatting all about Love-Centered Parenting today!

[01:51] Having an emergency fund is saving our lives this week.

[04:39] Getting a second quote saved our lives too since it was significantly less than the first one.

[06:33] Jesse is still reading the same book as last week. I’ve been participating in The Bible Project and it has been fantastic.

[10:17] I’m digging deep into the content of Love-Centered Parenting today.

[11:55] We cannot save our kids so we need to stop carrying that burden around.

[13:08] It is not our job as parents to make our kids make good choices.

[14:10] The four choices parents should make and the entire premise of the book.

[15:01] Jesse’s thoughts on “leaning in and loving.”

[17:07] Is there pride, fear, or selfishness at the root of your reaction to your kids’ behavior?

[18:25] Why you need to listen well.

[21:26] Finding the root cause of behavior is very important.

[22:49] It’s also important to lead with humility.

[25:51] Last but not least, we have to just let go.

[27:31] Why this really is the no-fail guide to parenting.

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